Ghost Hunter (Harmony, #3) by Jayne Castle


Where deadly energy ghosts lurk in the ruins of an ancient alien civilization.
Where dust bunnies prove to be loyal pets.
And where a ghost hunter will discover that a woman’s heart is the most dangerous adversary of all…

Local Guild boss and powerful ghost-hunter Cooper Boone is everything botanist Elly St. Clair could ask for – the handsome, strong, and silent type. Maybe too silent. For when Guild secrets threaten her career at the college, Elly has to call off their marriage – and leave small-town life behind…

But starting over in the thriving metropolis of Cadence City isn’t easy, especially when one of Elly’s new friends disappears in the eerie catacombs beneath the streets. Cooper turns up just in time to help Elly investigate. And as the mystery deepens and dangerous ghost myths and legends come to light, Cooper makes it clear he intends to stick around – and this time he’s holding nothing back… (from Goodreads)

I am not sure how many times I have read these books, but I am always grateful for an excuse to do so again.  JAK is interweaving two of her series in a future book:  this one and the Arcane Society.  Now that I am re-reading them and know that, I can see the connections she is setting up.  It adds an entire new level to the books.


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