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Hotter Than Wildfire (Protectors, #2) by Lisa Marie Rice


The world knows her only as Eve. . . .

Though her songs have sold millions she is an enigma, a bewitching mystery. But to former Delta Force operator Harry Bolt, she is an angel whose sultry, smoky voice brought him back to life after the nightmare of Afghanistan. Nothing else matters.

And now a scared, helpless beauty has walked through the door of his San Diego private security firm, running from something secret, something deadly . . . and Harry knows immediately that this is the woman who saved him. He is the last hope for this intoxicating siren without a past—not even in his hottest dreams did he imagine that the lady Eve could be so tempting, so achingly desirable. But though she burns to lose herself in Harry’s powerful arms, Eve is wary of trusting this tough, haunted ex-soldier who promises to protect her. Surrender could mean sweet ecstasy or certain doom. Can she open her heart, even if it means risking her life?

I fell in love with Lisa Marie Rice when I read her Midnight series.  Midnight Angel in particular is a favorite of mine.  This is the first book of the many of hers that I have read, that I liked just as much.  I am so glad I stuck with her.


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The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp (Alfred Kropp, #1) by Rick Yancey

Alfred KroppAlfred Kropp was just trying to survive high school when his guardian uncle gets him roped into a suspicious get-rich-quick scheme that changes his life forever: stealing Excalibur—the legendary sword of King Arthur. But after Alfred unwittingly delivers the sword into the hands of a man with enormously evil intentions, he sets off on an unlikely quest to try to right his wrong and save the world from imminent destruction. This gripping, fast-paced, hilarious novel is both a thrilling adventure story and an engaging account of one boy’s coming of age. (from Goodreads)

I have been meaning to read this book for several years, but it never made it to the top of my “to be read” stack.  I am glad that I finally took the time to dig it out.  I learned several things about the King Arthur legend that I did not know and met a character that is not strong, handsome, or particularly smart, but he does try to do what is right.  I guess that is what we should all do.

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