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Blogger Shame

Okay, I said I was going to write twelve way past due reviews last year and I may have written two.  I promise myself that I will do better this year.  I have just posted my first one for Hot Secrets that I should have reviewed four, maybe five years ago.  I know what I have to do is create a schedule with reminders because it is way too easy to “forget” to do the things I don’t want to do in the first place.


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Quote-tastic Monday: Dragon Fall

I know it’s been a few weeks since I have posted, but I have a good reason.  My dad died on April 2nd.  It wasn’t unexpected, but this blog was no where on the list of things I had to deal with.  On that note, it feels wonderful to get back to normal, such as it is.

I am still reading the Sept Dragons by Katie MacAlister and loving them.  I am finally to one that I had not read before which makes it even better.  Aoife (EE-fuh) is human but has accidentally acquired a magic ring.  Kostya, who has to be the grumpiest of all dragons is her mate, although he won’t admit it.

There are Star Trek references in this one, but that is not where I am going to focus today.

Aoife’s feelings are hurt because she believes Kostya is only interested in her because she owns the ring.  He is defending himself and in all honestly doing a good job of it.  And that’s when Aoife gets mad.

“Of course I’m not,” I snapped.  “And stop being reasonable when I’ve got hurt feelings.”

That is right up there with “Don’t confuse me with facts.” and “Listen to what I mean, not what I say.”   And yes, I have used both of these myself.

Anyway, there are only three more books so far in this series and I think I’m going to take a break.  I received two new books this week, one I purchased and one to review, and I think I will give them a try.

I will definitely come back to the Sept Dragons soon.   That’s a guarantee!

“Quote-Tastic Monday” is a meme hosted every Monday on Herding Cats & Burning Soup.  Head on over there to see what everyone else is posting about this week.

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Quote-tastic Monday: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Alright, this one is totally different from my normal reading material, but I am hooked.  It’s funny, as in odd, not humorous.  I have no interest in creating anything whether it is writing, painting, music, etc.  I told a friend who is an art teacher once that all artists need an audience and that is my job.  I am happy with that role.  This book however really has some good nuggets.  Some of them are her words and some are quotes from other people.  Either way, I am enjoying them.

This week’s quote is actually a quote of a quote of a quote.  I am quoting the author who is quoting Erica Jong.

Take your life in your own hands and what happens?  A terrible thing:  no one to blame.

I have read variations of that thought before.  Years ago, I read a passage in “something” where the author was bemoaning that she wanted to write a book, but did not have time.  Her friend told her she would find the time for anything she really wanted to do.  She said the advice made her mad because she knew it was true.

That has stuck with and I have a feeling this quote by Jong will as well.

Artists Wayquote-tastic final with green border

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Quote-tastic Monday: I’ve got nothing!

I’m in a slump.  I am reading five different books and I’m not particularly interested in any of them.  I have searched for quotes that would be good for this post, and nothing.  The books are not bad.  They just aren’t what I want to read right now.

What do I want to read?  Books that AREN’T PUBLISHED YET!  -sigh-

There is nothing!  Nothing! Nothing until at least September.

I think I need a comfort read.

quote-tastic final with green border

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Classic Double Challenge: 2012

Melissa, over at One Librarian’s Book Reviews, has started a challenge where you pair a classic with a related modern book.

This is her description: “Essentially, the Classic Double Challenge will encourage you to read one older book (classic) and a newer book that relates to the older one in some way.”

I am going to sign up for the Medium level which is four books or two pairs of related books.

I am definitely starting with Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Jane by April Lindner.

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Beth Kery “Addicted to You” contest

Photobucket Beth is giving away a $10 gift certificate on her blog. There is also a contest for a free Kindle. Naturally, I would love to win both.

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I am so behind in posting my reading . . .

Today is actually April 28th, 2011 and I still don’t have books from November up on this blog.  I am going to start posting the old stuff with just a description and maybe one day I will take the time to come back and make comments.

I promise myself that I am going to keep up on my current reading though.

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Wild Rain (Leopard, #2) by Christine Feehan


What has she done? With a new identity, a staged death, and a chance to flee the treachery that stalks her, Rachael has escaped from a faceless assassin. Now, thousands of miles from home, under the lush canopy of the rain forest, she’s found sanctuary.

Where can she hide? In this world teaming with unusual creatures walks the most exotic of them all. His name is Rio. A native of the forest imbued with a fierce prowess, he is something to be desired. Possessed of secrets of his own, he is something to be feared.

Whom can she trust? But as Rachael’s past looms as oppressively as the heat of the forest, and as Rio unleashes the secret animal instincts that course through his blood, Rachael fears that her isolated haven has become an inescapable hell… (from Goodreads)

This book is definitely an improvement on the novella The Awakening that I posted about last.  Because it is a full length novel (358 pages), there was time to develop the story and characters.  I loved both Rachael and Rio although I think Rio is just too good to be true.

There are only two more books in the series so far and I have to go see who they are about.  I really want Drake’s or Elijah’s story.  Of course, there is always Joshua too.

On a side note, I have decided to think of this blog as a book journal rather than a review site.  That is what I really want to do . . . keep track of the books I read.  Of course, I will have to review the Young Adult titles since I read them for the kids.  Really, I only read them for the kids . . . not because I am addicted to YA Lit myself!

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Caught Up

I have finally caught up on all my book reviews and my journaling.  It is time to get back to Steamed by Katie MacAlister.  I started it a week or so ago, but it was interrupted when a shipment of books I had been waiting on arrived.

I promise MYSELF that I will not get behind in the book reviews again!

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Two Blondes (Sookie Stackhouse) by Charlaine Harris in Death’s Excellent Vacation anthology


Pam and Sookie go on “vacation” to run an errand for Eric.  In the process, they end up having to work briefly as exotic dancers.  I don’t really have a problem seeing Pam doing that, but Sookie has so little self-confidence, I am surprised at how easily she took to it.

This story involves just Sookie and Pam.  It would make absolutely no sense to someone who was not following the series already, but I have a feeling it is going to be important to the story line later.

I have mixed feelings about short stories as part of a series.  I am thrilled to get anything new to read while waiting for the next book, but I find it hard to keep track of the in-between stories.  I can’t really shelve them with the series because they contain stories by a number of authors.  How do I number them, so I know there is something in between two books?  I use half numbering now (3.5 for example), but if the books are not shelved together that does not really help.

I think Charlaine Harris recently released a collection of all the stories, but that means I am buying everything twice . . . not to mention, it is already out of date with the release of this new books.  Problems, problems, problems.

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