First Comes Marriage (Huxtable Quintet, #1) by Mary Balogh

I received this book from Dell Books through Goodreads.

I believe this may have been the first book I have ever read by Mary Balogh, which is odd since I love historical romances.  I am particularly fond of Regencies, and although this one takes place several years after, it still has the same flavor.

My feelings about this book are a little odd. I found the beginning confusing and could not figure out what it had to do with the story. I kept going back to see if I had missed something.  The beginning is not explained until almost a hundred pages into it.

I really enjoyed the bulk of the book.  I wanted to shake the two main characters more than once, but that was the point.  The other characters were handled well and the basis for the sequels was established.

I did think the ending was too abrupt. Yes, there are sequels, but I wanted a satisfying ending.  Something more than “they lived happily ever after.”

Overall, it was a good book and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it.  I will definitely be reading the sequels which thankfully are all published.


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