Insatiable (Meena Harper, #1) by Meg Cabot

I like Meg Cabot.  I haven’t read everything she has written, but I have enjoyed the ones I did.  Her newest book, Insatiable, is a vampire romance.  Since that is one of my favorite genres, I was very excited about it.

This book is typical Meg Cabot in that it is a light romance with comical aspects.  The main character is Meena Harper which is an obvious play on Mina Harker from the original Dracula.  Her brother’s name is Jon, so of course, we also have a Jon Harper/Harker.  In Dracula, John was Mina’s husband.

In this story, Meena falls in love with the Prince of Darkness, although there is a possible rival in a vampire slayer named Alaric Wulf.  Oh yes, and just to complicate matters, Meena can foresee when people are going to die.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on vampires who are, after all, already dead.

I really enjoyed this book, right up until the ending.  I would have given it five stars, except the author so obviously set it up for a sequel.  I love series, but I want each book to actually have an ending.  This one did not end to my satisfaction at all.


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