Promises Keep (Promises, #2) by Sarah McCarty

Promises Keep (Promises, #2)
Every time I read or re-read a Sarah McCarty title, I remember how good she really is as an author.

Promises Keep is the second book in her Promises series.  There are four now with a fifth promised (pun intended) in 2010. The first three were originally published with Ellora’s Cave which tells you how sexually explicit they can be.

The thing about these books is that the sex is not the point.  These books are romances through and through.  There is an alpha male with a strong female who is normally overcoming a violent past.  That is a particular twist in Promises Keep.

The only reason I haven’t bought and read more of her books is that she hasn’t released them yet.  Sarah McCarty is definitely on my “gotta have them” the first day they are released list.


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