Ten Things I Love About You (Bevelstoke, #3) by Julia Quinn

from publisher

I read the first book in this series, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, when it was originally released.  I think it may have been the first book by Julia Quinn that I ever read.  Recently, I won a copy of Ten Things I Love About You from Goodreads Giveaway and discovered that she had written not just one, but two sequels to Miranda Cheever.

The second book is What Happens in London which I have previously reviewed on this blog.  I purchased it when I received this book.  I also did a re-read of Miranda Cheever which was not a hardship at all.

Anyway, Ten Things begins a short while after the ending of What Happens in London.  In book two, we met Sebastian Grey who is a cousin of the hero Harry Valentine.  Sebastian is in the unfortunate position of being the possible heir to an earldom.  His widower uncle, Lord Newbery, does not have a living son and despises Sebastian.  Therefore, he plans to marry a young woman who can give him an heir.  Needless to say, he is thoroughly dislikable.

Enter Annabell Winslow – She is the eldest of eight children and her father has recently died.  The family is in dire straits financially.  She is also built like a “fertility goddess,” so of course, Lord Newbery is very interested.

As to be expected in any good romance, Annabell and Sebastian meet and fall in love.  But how can she marry him when she is responsible for the well being of her family?

Not to mention, who really is the author of those wonderful/horrible novels by Sarah Gorely?


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