Love in the Time of Dragons (Light Dragons, #1) by Katie MacAlister


Tully Sullivan just woke up in a strange place, surrounded by people she’s never met. Which is bad enough. But then the strange people insist they are dragons. And, worse, that she is also a dragon, named Ysolde de Bouchier, one of the most notorious figures in dragon history.

She doesn’t buy it. She can’t breathe fire or shapeshift. She’s not even bothered by gold. But they’re adamant. And she’s in trouble.

Because these dragons also want to sentence her to death.

If she’s going to survive, Tully realizes she is going to have to find a way to solve the crimes she’s being accused of. Even though they happened in a past she has absolutely no memory of living.

Okay, when I read this book, I thought it was a continuation of the Silver Dragon series, and in a way it was.  Gabriel, the Silver Dragon wyvern, still wants Baltic dead.  After all, he’s already supposed to be dead!

I did not expect Tully to be Ysolde.  I never really believed she was dead, but I certainly didn’t think she was murdered and then brought back to life.

This book had a lot of “Say what?” moments.  However, it did explain the back story regarding Baltic.

As I said, I did not realize it was the beginning of a new series.  If I had, I might have waited until the entire series was published before reading it.  That’s what I did with the Silver Dragons and it worked out very well.

As a matter of fact, that’s what I recommend.  Read the first seven books:  four Aisling Gray and three Silver Dragons.  Wait for the entire Light Dragon series to be published so you can enjoy them all together.


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