The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

Free ebookI hate reading a book that I already know how it ends, but this book makes it worthwhile.  Bree becomes very likable and I wish the storyline was different.

It was odd reading about the Cullens from someone besides Bella’s viewpoint, but I enjoyed the different perspective.  I had forgotten about Jasper’s scars until I saw him through Bree’s eyes. I never think of him as one of the major fighters because he is so slight in build.  Bree made me see him differently.

There are at least two more plot lines added to the Twilight saga in this book:  one is about Jane and the other is about a vampire named Fred.  I wonder if Stephenie Meyer plans to take them further.

Oh yes!  I really wonder how the wolf pack would feel about being called “howling vampires.”


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Filed under Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

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