Parallel Attraction (Midnight Warriors, #1) by Deidre Knight


Exiled alien king Jared Bennett is fighting for his people’s freedom. Now his rebel force has the one weapon that can turn the tide against their enemy: the key to the secrets of time. With victory at hand, only one human, Kelsey Wells, has the power to change everything. Kelsey is unable to deny the fierce attraction to Jared Bennett, but is unaware of the truth: although Jared is exactly what he says, he hasn’t told her everything. And when the future crashes into the present, Kelsey must decide if his deception will cost them the love that should have been their destiny.

Okay, I really wanted to like this book.  The series has been highly recommended and I normally  love science fiction/romance.  This was not the book for me however.

I thought the world building was slow, but my real problem was with Jared.  He is supposed to be a warrior and a king from an alien planet.  What he really is is a wimp.  The man whines continually about how bad his life as been.  Yes, there have been horrific things in his life, but a warrior is not supposed to whine.  Kelsey is the much stronger personality.  I actually liked her, but I kept expecting her to tell him to get over it already!

One of the secondary characters, however, has promise.  His name is Scott and I am sure there has to be a book out there for him.  Unfortunately, I have to return the rest of the series to the library because someone else is waiting on them.  Hopefully, they will like them better than I did.

I might return to this series one day, but I doubt it.


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