Stargazer (Evernight, #2) by Claudia Gray


Evernight Academy: an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful, dangerous students of all—vampires. Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one of them.

But Bianca fell in love with Lucas—a vampire hunter sworn to destroy her kind. They were torn apart when his true identity was revealed, forcing him to flee the school. (from Goodreads)

You would think being in love with a member of a cult determined to kill you and all of your kind would be enough trouble, but no, Bianca also has wraiths after her.  What has she done to deserve this?

On the other hand, she also has two gorgeous guys in love with her.  Lucas, who is human and a vampire hunter, and Balthazar, who is one of her own kind.  Balthazar, who is gorgeous and kind and would do almost anything for Bianca.  How is a girl to choose?

I would recommend these books to anyone who loves vampire romances.  They are more like Vampire Academy and the House of Night series than Twilight, but should appeal to anyone who loves the paranormal.


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