The Devil to Pay by Stephanie James


The Price of Love
Just as Emelina Stratton was about to break into an empty beach cottage, a man materialized out of the fog with a Doberman at his heel. Julian Cotter was as quietly lethal-looking as his dog. A man who exuded an aura of command that force Emmy under its sway. It was easy to believe the local gossip that he was a Mafia kingpin hiding out until things cooled off back East. But Emmy was desperate, and Julian could help her — for a price. Emmy was confident she could pay no matter what he charged . . . until Julian called in her I.O.U.

As I stated in the previous post, this book is supposed to be connected to Fabulous Beast because both male characters have the last name Colter.  That is the only connection, so they are actually stand alone stories.

One thing that stands out to me now is how young the characters are in her books.  Funny, I didn’t notice that when I originally read them 25 years ago!


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