The Exile: an Outlander graphic novel by Diana Gabaldon


The Exile retells the original Outlander novel from Jamie Fraser’s point of view, revealing events never seen in the original story and giving readers a whole new insight into the Jamie-Claire relationship. Jamie’s surreptitious arrival in Scotland at the beginning of the tale, his feelings about Claire, and much more — up to the point where Claire faces trial for witchcraft and must choose whether to return to her own century — are brought to life in brilliant four-colour art. (from Goodreads)

I just finished reading my copy of (not supposed to be released until tomorrow) The Exile.  I have had the opportunity of viewing several of the panels previously when Gabaldon shared them at Dragon*Con.  However, nothing lives up to viewing the book in its entirety.

I started out slowly reading and examining the pictures.  Then I got so caught up in the story, that I was only really reading the dialogue.  Now I plan to go back and examine the pictures frame by frame, then read the entire book again for the full effect.

I also see a re-reading of the entire series in my near future.  There is no one like Jamie.  Of course, the illustrations don’t match MY idea of Jamie, but I don’t think any two people have the same idea anyway.  Mine is the right one, of course.  -grin-


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