Burning Wild (Leopard, #3) by Christine Feehan


Born into a world of twisted monsters, Jake Bannaconni is shaped and molded into a cold, revenge driven man. Honed in the fires of hell, he controls his world and rules with an iron hand. He has everything and anything money can buy. He’s ruthless, merciless and considered a man to leave alone. His hidden legacy, that of a shapeshifter, makes him doubly dangerous in the corporate world.

Emma Reynolds is a woman who knows how to love and love well. When their two worlds collide, Jake’s plans for a complete take over, may just come tumbling down. (from Goodreads)

I finished a re-read of this one last  night.  Although the beginning is horrific, I actually like this one better than the last.  I think it was because there were other people involved, not just those related to the Leopard community.  I particularly like some of the descriptions of Emma and how she responds to Jake’s orders.  He really doesn’t know what to do with someone who doesn’t jump every time he walks into a room.


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Filed under Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance

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