The Roar by Emma Clayton


In a bleak future, humans use terrible chemicals to fight The Animal Plague that causes all of the world’s animals to go rabid and renders most of the planet uninhabitable. The population now cowers in overcrowded walled cities. Mika, 12, and his parents live in London in terrible conditions. His twin, Ellie, supposedly drowned a year earlier, but Mika is convinced that she still lives. He’s right. The story begins with Ellie and a tiny monkey named Puck fleeing a spaceship in a stolen Pod Fighter. Sadly, their attempt to escape is foiled by the evil Mal Gorman, who has a plan to co-opt the entire first generation of children born after the Plague and make them into an army for his own nefarious purposes. And Gorman has special plans for kids like Mika and Ellie, whose mutations give them unique abilities. To save his sister, Mika will have to win a contest involving simulator battle games and many deadly challenges, using abilities he never knew he had. The story starts fast and never slows down. (from School Library Journal)

This book could quite possibly be the next Hunger Games.  There is no romance to it . . . the kids are only twelve years old, but it has all the excitement and suspense of Hunger Games.  Once again, the adults have pretty much destroyed the world and it is up to the kids to save it.  The ending is definitely a setup for a sequel (The Whisper, 2011), but it is not a cliff hanger and very satisfying.  I can’t wait to start recommending this book!



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  1. No name

    When will the sequal be realesed

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