Reaper’s Justice (Shadow Reapers, #1) by Sarah McCarty

When the War Between the States came to its end, the battle inside Isaiah Jones raged on. Neither fully human nor fully wolf, he found his peace-and the passion his inner wolf craved-with Adelaide Cameron. Though their union was forbidden by the werewolf soldiers, Isaiah satisfied his urges by guarding her from afar. But when Adelaide is abducted, Isaiah must not only expose his dark nature, but invite her into the shadows with him. (from Goodreads)

Sarah McCarty’s books are on my “have to read them as soon as they are published” list.  I always love them and have re-read many of them over and over again.  This one is no exception.

My only problem is I want the sequel NOW!  There was not a cliff hanger ending.  They are just so good I cannot wait.


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Filed under Erotica, Historical, Paranormal, Romance

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