The Heiress (Madison Sisters, #2) by Lynsay Sands

Desperately seeking a husband . . .

Suzette is not like other heiresses; she wants a poor husband, a gentleman who will be so grateful for her dowry that he will allow her access to it so that she can pay off her father’s gambling debts. When this alluring beauty encounters Daniel Woodrow—handsome, titled, single . . . and even more impoverished than she could have hoped for—it seems Suzette’s wildest dreams have come true.

But Daniel has not been truthful. Tired of being accosted by an endless stream of vapid coquettes and their fortune-hunting mothers, Daniel has decided to plead poverty to stop them in their tracks. Yet here is a most refreshing and delectable lady, who claims to be thrilled by his penury. Now all Daniel has to do to find true happiness is to keep a little white lie alive . . . while avoiding a villain who’s determined to prevent this union by any means necessary. (from Goodreads)

Like the previous book in this series (The Countess), The Heiress is a bit of a disappointment.  Lynsay Sands books are generally very funny.  Although this one has its moments, it is not up to her usual standards.

This book takes place for the most part at the same time as The Countess.  As a matter of fact, it is 200 pages before any truly new material is introduced.  The explanations given of the back story are clumsy and poorly written.  I realize each book is supposed to be able to be read as a standalone, but how realistic is that really?

I was also disappointed that there was no further development in the relationship between the third sister, Lisa, and her probably suitor Robert.  I have read somewhere that the third book is not scheduled for release until sometime in 2012.  I find that odd because the first two were only release a month apart.

I am afraid that only a true Lynsay Sands fan will enjoy these books.  I hope no one uses them as an introduction to her work.


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