Quicksilver (Looking Glass, #2; Arcane Society, #11) by Amanda Quick

Virginia Dean wakes at midnight beside a dead body, with a bloody knife in her hand and no memory of the evening’s events. Dark energy, emanating from the mirrors lining the room, overpowers her senses. With no apparent way in or out, she is rescued by a man she has met only once before, but won’t soon forget….

Owen Sweetwater inherited his family’s talent for hunting the psychical monsters who prey on London’s women and children, and his investigation into the deaths of two glass-readers has led him here. The high-society types of the exclusive Arcane Society would consider her an illusionist, a charlatan, even a criminal, but Owen knows better. Virginia’s powers are real – and they just might be the key to solving this challenging case. (from Goodreads)

Let me just say, romance, paranormal, Regency (or close enough) . . . what’s not to like.  Add to that, this book is written by Amanda Quick (AKA Jayne Ann Krentz and the book has to be a winner.  It is.

Owen is one of my favorite heroes in a long time.  He does not have a hidden agenda, except he knows from the beginning that Virginia is the woman for him.  He just doesn’t understand how she doesn’t know it too.

One of these days I am going to read the Arcane books straight through.  Of course, I also need to include the Eclipse books because they are woven into the storyline as well.


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