Two Out of Three by Dana Michelle Burnett

Two Out of ThreeTwo Out of Three by Dana Michelle Burnett

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

He said he needed her in his life…He swore that he wanted her more than he ever wanted any other woman…But love?

That was never part of the bargain.

Sarah Deardon loved two things: Dancing and Vincent Allen. She struggled for years to become the best at the studio while nursing her crush.

When a tragic accident destroys her dreams of dancing, Sarah turns her full attention to Mr. Allen and pursues him with the same relentless determination that she had used dancing.

Vincent keeps her at bay, trying to let her get through high school and college, even putting an ocean between them. His absence opens the door for the sexy rebel Robert Stewart. 

With Robert in the picture, Sarah’s life takes a dramatic turn leading her across the country and back again. She seals her fate with a bargain and she finds herself torn between a life of stability and a passion that refuses to be denied.

The only reason I finished this book is because I had promised to review it. I knew within the first few pages I was not going to like it. The writing is stilted and the characterization is poor.

I expected the book to be about adults. However, the main characters are in their late teens at the beginning of the book, but the situations and reactions seem more appropriate for adults. It was difficult to tell, but I do not believe they are older than their mid-twenties by the end.

None of the three characters are likable. Vincent, Sarah’s true love, has no backbone. Robert is a violent jerk, and Sarah is a bitch with a capital B. I have no objections to bitchiness in general. One of my favorite quotes is “you call me a bitch like that’s a bad thing.” However, Sarah takes it to the extreme. She is hurtful and controlling and proud of it.

All three characters cheat on their partners. In Sarah’s and Robert’s case, it is not because they are in love, but simply a series of one night stands.

As I said, there is no one to like in this book. My reaction at finishing it was simply relief. I was so glad to be done.

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