All Shook Up by Shelley Pearsall

When 13-year-old Josh finds out that he has to stay with his dad in Chicago for a few months, he’s not too thrilled. But when he arrives at the airport, he’s simply devastated. His father—who used to be a scatterbrained but pretty normal shoe salesman—has become . . . Elvis. Well, a sideburnwearing, hip-twisting, utterly-embarrassing Elvis impersonator.

Josh is determined to keep his dad’s identity a secret, but on his very first day at his new school, a note appears on his locker. It’s signed Elvisly Yours, and instead of a name, a sneering purple smiley face. The secret is out, and when his dad is invited to perform at a special 50s concert at his school, Josh is forced to take drastic action. From award-winning author Shelley Pearsall comes a hilarious novel about discovering the important (and sometimes painful) difference between who you want to be—and who you really are.

This book probably deserves five stars, but the problem is with my taste in books rather than the book.

I am not sure what to say about this book.  It should definitely appeal to all the kids whose parents have ever done something that embarrasses them.  I guess that means everybody.

I really liked how Josh came to realize that everything was not about him.  I couldn’t blame him for being self-centered.  I think that is human nature and it is especially strong in a teenager.

I grew up as an Elvis fan and I still enjoy his music.  That’s another thing this book will do for you.  It will make you want to pull out your old 45s.  I wonder if they still make turntables?  -grin-


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Filed under Contemporary, Humor, Young Adult

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