Destined Mate by Katie Reus

Destined MateDestined Mate by Katie Reus
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Angela has been hiding from Knox for decades. She knows how much the Alpha werewolf hates vampires and cannot face the idea of her former lover killing her. Only the kidnapping of her friend gives her the courage to risk her heart and her life by seeing him again.

Knox has hated vampires since they destroyed his family centuries before. He believes they are all evil and should be killed on sight. That is until his lover is turned against her will.

He has searched for her for decades without success and suddenly she is on his land and in his power. Can he convince her that his feelings about vampires have changed, but his feelings for her never have?

This story was a quick read at slightly over sixty pages. Although the forbidden relationship between a vampire and a werewolf is not unique, the author develops the story well in regards to how the pack does or does not accept Angela.
Most of the tension in this book has less to do with Knox convincing Angela that he still loves her as it does with Angela not understanding his reactions as a werewolf. That is not much different than human women not understanding human men . . . now is it?

My only reservation with this story is that it is a story. I would love an expanded version that explores the dynamics of Angela’s vampire tribe and Knox’s werewolf pack. I would also like to see more of how the female werewolves accept her as their Alpha female.

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