This Perfect Kiss (Bliss Harbor, #0.5) by Blake Sheridan

This Perfect Kiss (Bliss Harbor, #0.5)This Perfect Kiss by Blake Sheridan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summary from the publisher:

She’s out to catch a man—if only her feet will cooperate.

Terminally shy, sometimes clumsy Frannie Colleti has spent most of her life focused on her business, content to stay in the social background. But the return of her former high school crush jolts her out of her routine, and she realizes she’s never going to get what she wants out of life if she doesn’t reach out and take it (before she trips over it). Her two best friends come up with a plan to help Frannie catch a man’s attention, but soon it’s clear that the men of Bliss Harbor—and any breakable items—had better watch out.

My Musings:

Frannie has made a success of her business, but realizes she has let life pass her by. When her high school crush returns to town, she decides to pursue him and make her dreams come true. Unfortunately, some dreams are not what they are cracked up to be.

Frannie is wonderful with her customers, but except for her two best friends, she does not relate well to people. Her pursuit of her high school crush who is now a famous screenwriter seems doomed to fail. Yes, he was always nice to her in school, but will he even remember her now?

This is a short (76 pages), sweet book and that is the only reason I gave it four stars rather than five. I wanted to learn more about Frannie and the love of her life.

Frannie is a wonderful character and I can completely empathize with her clumsiness, especially when she is nervous. The predicaments she finds herself in when trying to attract Nick’s attention are hysterical.

Nick seems to be a nice guy, but he really doesn’t know what to make of Frannie. He’s not completely sure she’s not dangerous.

Frannie’s antics do attract the attention of Sean though, who has recently returned to Bliss Harbor. Although he has reason to know that Frannie can be dangerous, he is interested anyway.

I truly enjoyed this book. My only complaint is that it was so short there wasn’t time to develop the personalities of Nick or Sean. I did learn enough about Frannie to feel I know her, but there was more character development of her two best friends than there was of the guys.

According to the author, this novella is actually a prequel to the series. The first book, More Than This, is due out soon and I will definitely be buying it. Oddly enough, it does not focus on Frannie’s best friends but on two new characters. Hopefully, it will have more of Frannie because I really loved her.


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