The Devil’s Thief (The Saint’s Devils, #1) by Samantha Kane

The Devil's Thief (The Saint’s Devils, #1)The Devil’s Thief by Samantha Kane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been a fan of Samantha Kane’s Brothers in Arms series for years. As a matter of fact, she may be the author that introduced me to the joys of a menage relationship (reading about it people, not living it!) I love her books, so I was excited to have the chance of reviewing her first book for a mainstream publisher. I was also nervous because I was afraid her style would be changed because the book was intended for a different audience.

I shouldn’t have worried.

The Devil’s Thief is a straight historical romance. There is no sexual kink involved, but the sex scenes are still hot. More importantly, the relationship between Julianna and Alasdair is heart warming. They got off to such a bad start and they have so many problems to overcome, you really, really want them to work things out.

Julianna is the more likable of the two characters. After her unconventional upbringing, she is determined to help other children who have no one to care for them. That is why she turns to thievery. She does not have the money to keep her foundling home afloat.

Alasdair, however, is a rake and an immature one at that. Although the heirloom belongs to his side of the family, he only really wants it to spite his cousin. That is until Julianna steals it. Fortunately, Alasdair realizes he must grow up if he is going to win Julianna and regain the heirloom. More importantly, he realizes that Julianna is what he really cares about, not the heirloom. He finally understands which is the true “pearl of great value.”

There are a number of characters introduced in this book who I am sure will have their own stories soon. The next book in the series, Tempting the Devil, is about Alasdair’s friend Roger. It will be released in July of 2013 and I cannot wait.

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