Mated to the Devil by Eve Langlais

Mated to the DevilMated to the Devil by Eve Langlais
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: * Mated to the Devil
Author: Eve Langlais
Series: n/a
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Amira Press
Format: ebook
Date/Year: March 29, 2013
Reviewed by: ElaineReads

*This book was provided to me by the author for review.

Summary from the publisher:

Not all pleasures are a sin…

Mina wants to put her seduction by a golden-eyed devil behind her, but the birth of her son, Jacques, renders that impossible. She tries to forget the only man who ever roused her passion, but when she notices her son exhibiting strange behavior—and less-than-human characteristics—she must face her past and learn to trust, and love, again.

Howling drunk, the one thing Remy clearly remembers is seducing Mina. A pity he didn’t think to get her address, especially since he marks her as his mate. When she disappears, he’s got plenty of time to regret, but he doesn’t get a chance to atone until she comes back into his life with an unexpected surprise.

Thrust into the role of father, Remy works to bond with his son while gaining forgiveness. But will he get the chance to truly make Mina his mate before danger threatens their fragile happiness?

My Musings:

I had great hopes for this book. Unfortunately, the entire plot is based on what has to be the most objectionable trope in romance literature. The entire relationship originates with Remy forcing himself on Mina. He, of course, brings her to orgasm and she remembers that night as the most pleasurable of her life.

Mina and Remy meet when she is 19 and he is 22. Mina has been raised by parents who are religious fanatics, and she, of course, is a virgin. While visiting cousins, she attends a college party where she is almost raped by two frat brothers. Although rescued by an extremely drunk Remy, he proceeds to forcibly seduce her.

And that is where my problem with the book begins. Forcible seduction is just another way of saying rape. Mina fights him and begs him to let her go. Remy continues to be “seduce” her and ends up impregnating her.

The story picks up five years later. Mina has an adorable little boy who happens to snarl and growl and whose eyes sometimes glow. Because she could never find Remy when she discovered she was pregnant, she has been forced to survive on her own and has no idea what is going on with her son. Remy has tried to find her, but he never found out her name before passing out.

The entire forced seduction aspect negatively colored my opinion of the book which is a shame. After Mina and Remy finally find each other, their relationship develops into a caring and loving one. I loved Remy’s joy when he found out he had a son. Pierre, Remy’s father, is so proud to be a grandfather and the most likable character in the book. There are indications that a sequel may be coming and I hope it is about Pierre.

Obviously, I liked the book well enough to want to read the sequel. Without the objectionable beginning, I would have rated it a 4 or 4.5. Hopefully, her next book will not contain such jarring content.


Overall: 3
Sensuality level: 3.5 (MF vanilla sex, but the language is explicit)

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