The Importance of Being Alice (Ainslie Brothers, #1) by Katie MacAlister

The Importance of Being Alice (Ainslie Brothers, #1)The Importance of Being Alice by Katie MacAlister

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Title: The Importance of Being Alice
Author: Katie MacAlister
Series: Ainslie Brothers, #1 (aka A Matchmaker in Wonderland)
Publisher: Signet
Pages: 352
Date: January 6, 2015


Nothing about Alice Wood’s life is normal right now. Her fiancé, Patrick, called off their wedding and relationship only days before their nonrefundable wedding trip. And though a luxurious European river cruise for one is just what she needs, it’s not what she gets…

Due to a horrible misunderstanding, Alice is now cramped in her “romantic” suite with one of Patrick’s friends. Instead of cruising along the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers sipping champagne with the love of her life, she’s navigating the waters with a strange—yet mysteriously handsome—British aristocrat.

An author, Elliot is just looking for some alone time to write. But his stodgy, serious self is about to be sidetracked by a woman who seems to have jumped out of the pages of a fairy tale, one who is determined to shake up his life…and include him in her own happily ever after.


This book was received from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

The last thing Alice needs is an uptight English Lord camped out in her cabin. This was supposed to be a romantic river cruise with her soon-to-be husband. When said fiance dumps her for another woman (the Lord’s sister, no less), Alice decides to enjoy the cruise anyway. Or at least, not lose her deposit. She might as well get something out of her money, if only a place to cry alone.

Noooo! Her ex-fiance gives a friend his ticket and never says a word to Alice and she is stuck with a stranger for a cabin mate.

Poor Elliot. All he wants is somewhere quiet to finish writing his book. He’s behind schedule and needs the money to support the ancestral manor and all his many siblings. He needs not to be disturbed.

And Alice is very disturbing.

Katie MacAlister is a great author. Her books are fun and that is the highest compliment I know. If I want a book that I am sure to enjoy, I know I can always turn to her.

The Importance of Being Alice is no exception. It’s the first book in a new series and jumps from one madcap escapade to another. It has two people with two totally different outlooks on life stuck together in a close environment. Alice is a flighty American and Elliott is an uptight English Lord.

So, of course they fall in love. This is a romance after all.

The problems don’t end there though.

There are falling towers. Near fatal accidents. Unknown fiances (oh right, that’s Alice).

Is it a surprise that Alice down the rabbit hole comes to mind?

The second book, A Midsummer Night’s Romp, comes out May 5, 2015 and I have already ordered my copy. I cannot wait.

There is a discrepancy between the name of the series, so you will need to watch out. In some places it is called The Ainslie Brothers and others list it as A Matchmaker in Wonderland. Whatever it is called, you will want to read these books.

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