Her Last Fling: A Bacherlorette Party Confession by Ava Sterling

Her Last Fling: A Bachelorette Party ConfessionHer Last Fling: A Bachelorette Party Confession by Ava Sterling

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: Her Last Fling
Author: Ava Sterling
Series: Bachelorette Party Confession
Pages: 16
Publisher: Red Lace Publishing
Date: July 8, 2015


Susan is nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous the night before her wedding?

She spends her bachelorette party with her best friend at a male strip club but ends up leaving early. Within minutes, she bumps into the stripper that gyrated over her lap an hour ago. After a glass of wine, she sees her friend walking past–near enough to spot her sharing a drink with a man other than her fiancé.

In an attempt to evade being caught, Susan rushes in the direction of the stripper’s hotel room. Now she must decide between getting a good night’s sleep for her wedding or being tangled in the sheets with her new mystery man.


I am not normally one for short stories because they feel rushed to me and there is not enough time for character development. This one, however, is about a one night stand, so it’s meant to be rushed.

I liked the fact that the author didn’t go straight into the sex scenes. There was a build up with some backstory with Susan and her friend, as well as a slow seduction in the bar with Mark. The description of Mark makes it easy to understand why Susan allowed herself to be seduced.

My problem with the story is in the content. Mark seduces a woman who is obviously drunk. As a matter of fact, he keeps pressing more drinks on her. He doesn’t wear a condom and Susan seems to be thrilled by that. Not to mention, she is cheating on her fiance. Cheating is definitely a hard limit for me.

Finally, Susan realizes that her fiance is not all that interested in having sex with her. I think that is supposed to be a rationale for cheating.

Why is she marrying this guy?

Her Last Fling is a quick read with some excellent male stripper scenes. However, I can’t bring myself to like either of the main characters.

I received a copy of this story from the author for an honest review.

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