Quote-tastic Monday: Winter Bride by Anne Gracie

Many times over the years, I have wanted to say something to an older person who was rude or just out of line.  I always restrained myself because I could hear my mother teaching me to “respect my elders.”  Of course, as I get older that means there are fewer people I have to restrain myself with.  -grin-

Anyway, in Winter Bride, Damaris is having dinner with her betrothed’s parents . . . an extremely unlikable pair.  In response to Freddie’s father’s comment that she knows which side her bread is buttered, she says,

“Nothing of the sort; it’s just that I was taught to show respect to old people,” she said sweetly, adding, “no matter how little they may deserve it.”

I love that line!  It is exactly how I feel sometimes.

Winter Bridequote-tastic final with green border


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