Quote-tastic Monday: Dominance Never Dies by Lexi Blake

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This is the eleventh book in the Master & Mercenaries series.  These books are serious security/BDSM romances which are actually hysterically funny.  I wouldn’t like them nearly as much if it wasn’t for the humor in them.  It’s not the situations that are funny necessarily.  It’s the lines and the characters reactions to each other.

Anyway, this book had a number of lines that I loved, but I’ll just give you one of Mia’s.

She should have damn well known that cleaning up after a couple of murders was definitely women’s work.

And that’s the closest any of these characters get to being a stereotype.

I highly recommend this series, BUT READ THEM IN ORDER.  The story lines continue from book to book and you will be totally lost if you try to pick up somewhere in the middle.  Of course, the books are so great that reading the entire series will be a treat.

By the way, book twelve Submission is Not Enough comes out this Tuesday, October 25th and I cannot wait.

dominance-never-diesquote-tastic final with green border


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