Quote-tastic Monday: Heart of Stone by Christine Warren

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I re-read this book for two reasons.  It was sent to me by NetGalley over two years ago and I never reviewed it.

Major Blogger Shame!

And book five is due out in February, so I wanted to re-read this series to be ready for it.

Well I re-read it and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  And yes, I did review it.

Here are a couple of quotes to help you understand why I like it so much.

Of course, she’d continued to argue with him, because the gargoyle operated under the vastly mistaken assumption that he was always right, and Ella felt she had a duty to point out how misguided such a belief really was.

And, Ella and Kees are going into battle and she really hopes they’re not going to die because

She really hoped she and Kees won this one.  She was wearing her “I’m going to get worked really hard, sweat like a pig, and want to kick Kees in the nuts” clothes, not her “It’s okay if I die in this because at least I look hot” clothes.

A girl had her pride.

Not to mention having her priorities straight, right?


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One response to “Quote-tastic Monday: Heart of Stone by Christine Warren

  1. LOL at her. I need to get back to her books 🙂

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