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Mercury Rising by J. B. Aspen

Mercury RisingMercury Rising by J.B. Aspen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Mercury Rising
Author: J. B. Aspen
Series: Magical Midlife in Retrograde, #1
Pages: 288
Publisher: Independently Published
Date: April 27, 2023


Midlife—when the magic really begins…
Happy Birthday and hello Mid-life crisis to me. At forty-five, I thought life was over. Dead-end job, empty nest…it was just me and the cat. But when I lost my house and moved in with my senior citizen mom—that was the icing on my cake. Then, out of nowhere, my luck changed—or so I thought. I won a trip to an Inn…

Who knew the prize would be learning I’m not just a broke, divorced, empty-nester—I’m a witch.

Join Mercury as she discovers her hidden past and the world of magic waiting for her at the Phoenix Inn.


I am a sucker for a paranormal mystery. Add in the fact that this book has a sentient house/inn, a cat, and a woman NOT in her twenties. It was obviously written for me.

The book begins on Mercury’s 45th birthday. She has two wonderful daughters, has been divorced for several years, and her ex has just sold her house out from under her. Her only choice is to move in with her mother in a senior retirement village.

That’s not a terrible thing. She loves her adopted mom. It’s just her mom is living a more exciting life than Mercury has ever had.

Oh, yeah. Adopted. She was adopted when she was a toddler and has no memories of her birth family.

And that turns out to be key to the story.

Mercy is a witch and she had no idea.

I loved this book and will definitely buy the sequel when it becomes available. The writing was engrossing, and although there was the necessary world building, it was not cumbersome.

The book was written in first person which I normally do not like. However, the author did an excellent job and I hardly noticed it.

The only thing I wished for was more of Mr. Yow. Who’s that? The cat, of course.

Right now, April 27, 2023, Mercury Rising is available on Kindle Unlimited.

I have already preordered the sequel, Mercury Falling, which is due out on March 14, 2023. I can’t wait.

This book was sent to me by the author in return for an honest review.

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