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Quote-tastic Monday: Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy, #1) by J. R. Ward

24903031I’m not sure how it has taken me a year to read this book.  I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood and somehow have managed to get three books behind if you include the books in the Black Dagger Legacy.  Yes, this book is not about the Brothers, but the Brothers are definitely integral to the plot.  The main characters are new trainees to fight against the Lessers, so of course, they are being trained by the Brothers.

Anyway, there is lots of violence and lots of sex, not to mention some really humorous scenes.  In this one, the main male character Craeg has been watching one of the other trainees Paradise.  He’s not supposed to be.  He should be concentrating on his training.  However, . . .

This couldn’t be happening to him.  The hardest part of training to become a soldier under the Brotherhood so he could avenge his family . . . could not possibly be some blonde female.  He just refused to believe this.

Not possible —

With another kick under his uniform, his erection seemed to be laughing at him.

Glaring down at his hips, he barked, “Shut up, idiot.”

Like all the BDB books, the language is harsh, the violence is disturbing, and the sex is explicit.

And I love them.  The Legacy series is going to be just as good as the originals.

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