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The Mane Event (Pride #1) by Shelly Laurenston

The Mane EventI was actually re-reading this book yesterday while I waited for the UPS truck to come with Beast Behaving Badly, the most recent book in the series.  It contains the first two stories in the Pride series: Christmas Pride and Shaw’s Tail.

I don’t even know how many times I have read these books, but everyone of them is hysterically funny.  These are some of the books I pick up when I am tired of reading “serious” books.  I consider them some of my comfort reads.  If I want something I know I will enjoy, I can count on Shelly Laurenston.

In Christmas Pride, Desiree “Dez” McDermott is an New York cop investigating the death of a member of Mason “Mace” Llewellyn’s pride.  Of course, she has no idea that Mace or the victim are actually lion shape changers.  Unfortunately, Dez has always been a dog person.  Some of the funniest scenes involve Mace and Dez’s two Rottweilers.

Because I have read this book so many times before, I am not going to re-read Shaw’s Tail again right now.  I can tell you, however, it is about Brendon Shaw, another member of the pride, and Ronnie Lee Reed, a member of the Smith wolf pack from Tennessee.

Just as a heads up, you need to know the language is very rough and the sex is very explicit, in case that makes a difference to you.


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Beast Behaving Badly (Pride, #5) by Shelly Laurenston

Beast Behaving Badly book coverI read this book in one sitting which is not surprising because I cannot put a Shelly Laurenston book down!

Blayne, the scary dog/wolf hybrid is back.  In previous books, we never see her really losing her temper, but we have warnings that it is not a good thing.  Now we know why.

Bo is a polar bear/lion mix, or as Blayne calls him a bearcat.  He is not as immediately likable as the grizzly Lock is in The Mane Squeeze, but he definitely grows on you.

There are references to Laurenston’s previous series The Magnus Pack, although you do not have to have read them to follow this book.  However, I haven’t read them in awhile, so I am sure I will pull them back out.

I am not sure which characters the next book will focus on, although I have my suspicions.  All I know is that I cannot wait!

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