Curse of the Spellmans (Spellmans, #2) by Lisa Lutz

Izzy and family are back!  The dysfunctional family of private investigators are at it again.

I love these books.  Lisa Lutz’s unique style of writing is mesmerizing.  I kept telling myself I was going to read one more section and then go do (fill in the blank.)  I ended up finishing the book before I could put it down.

In the first book, Izzy grew up.  In the beginning, she was still pretty much a juvenile delinquent, even though she was in her late twenties.  In this book, she matures (and I mean that in a good way) even more.

As usual, everyone in the family is keeping secrets from each other.  There is even something going on with the “perfect” brother David.  The uncovering of these secrets interweaves with the primary plot.

There are only two more books in this series and I am going to miss the Spellmans a lot.  I don’t think I would actually like to know these people, but I do love reading about them.


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