Nauti Kisses (Nauti) by Lora Leigh in Nauti and Wild anthology


This is supposed to be the last story in the Nauti series and does a good job of not leaving any loose endings.  There are no characters still hanging out there waiting for their own stories.  Having said that, I don’t want the books to end.  I love all of Lora Leigh’s work and this series is not exception.

Rogue’s brother John and Sierra are the leads in this story.  After a extremely blurry (in John’s mind) night of passion, Sierra starts avoiding John.  She won’t return his calls or see him for any reason.  John, who has just broken up with his fiance, decides to leave town and start his life over.

A year later, he finds out that Sierra has been attacked and nearly killed.  She is sent to John for protection until the bad guy can be found.  Of course, the bad guy follows and Sierra is in danger again.

The book brings back the McKays, their wives, and children.  It was wonderful to see them all again and really makes me want to re-read the series straight through.  There are so many characters in these books, I almost need an annotated list.


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