The Perils of Effrijim (Aisling Gray) by Katie MacAlister in Death’s Excellent Vacation anthology


I love the Aisling Gray series, if for no reason than the character Jim (Effrijim).  Jim is a minor demon in the “magnificent” form of a Newfoundland dog.  In this story, Jim is supposed to stay with his girlfriend Celeste while Aisling and Drake are on vacation.  Unfortunately, things don’t work out as planned.

I bought this book for the Sookie Stackhouse story (see previous post).  I had no idea an Aisling Gray story was included.  I am not crazy about anthologies because normally I only read one story from the entire book.  It is wonderful to find others by authors that I follow.  Sometimes when I start reading a new (to me) author, I will discover I already have some of their works in previously purchased anthologies.  Always a nice surprise.


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