Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz

HEADS YOU LOSE is an innovative and hilarious new crime novel written collaboratively. The formula is simple: the authors write alternating chapters, each one picking up where the other has left off.

The novel stars Paul and Lacey Hansen, a pair of orphaned, pot-growing, 20-something siblings eking out a living in rural northern California. They each dream of escaping Mercer, with varying degrees of vigor. But when a headless corpse shows up on their property late one night, they obviously can’t call the police. They move the corpse as surreptitiously as possible (utilizing skills learned on CSI), and wait for some good samaritan to find it. When the corpse instead reappears — a few days riper — on their doorstep, the Hansens realize they might be in over their heads.

Okay, this book was hilarious.  However, it was not the storyline itself, but the back and forth between the authors that made it worth reading.  I have to say, though, the ending had a twist I did not foresee.  I read so many books that I generally have them figured out before the end.  Not this one, it completely surprised me.


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Filed under Contemporary, Humor, Mystery

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