WWW: WAKE (WWW, #1) by Robert J. Sawyer

One of the foremost science fiction writers of our generation-(SF Site) comes to Ace with a trilogy of the Web’s awakening. Caitlin Decter is young, pretty, feisty, a genius at math, and blind. Still, she can surf the net with the best of them, following its complex paths clearly in her mind. But Caitlin’s brain long ago co-opted her primary visual cortex to help her navigate online. So when she receives an implant to restore her sight, instead of seeing reality, the landscape of the World Wide Web explodes into her consciousness, spreading out all around her in a riot of colors and shapes. While exploring this amazing realm, she discovers something, some other, lurking in the background. And it’s getting more and more intelligent with each passing day.

I read this series on the recommendation of my friend Cindy.  Her recommendations can be iffy because I accuse her of reading “literary” novels rather than good books.  This, however, is a good book.

Mostly because of Cindy, I have been reading a lot more straight science fiction recently.  When I was a teenager, it was all I would read.  I don’t know what happened.

Anyway, this could be one of those “end of the world as we know it” books and in a way it is.  However, that is not necessarily a bad thing.  The entity that Caitlin discovers is young and hopefully can be taught to be altruistic.  That’s only if the American government doesn’t destroy it first.

I am so glad book two is already out.


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Filed under Contemporary, Science Fiction, Young Adult

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